We run Travel Noire, a publishing brand that creates products & experiences to help travelers discover new destinations. 

Travel Noire was founded with one lofty goal in mind: to make international travel more inclusive and representative for explorers of color. 

We've been profiled in the New York Times, Yahoo, the Daily Beast, CNN, the Atlantic, Quartz, OWN, Essence and Huffington Post among others.

While representing all walks of life — legal, financial, marketing, international business & education, we have an insane (and almost obsessive) love for travel and transformational experiences. Through Travel Noire Experiences, we're honored to introduce travelers to new destinations, with a photographer in tow, in a local-you-really-live-here kinda way.  

We realized that not having friends to travel with was enough for some to give up their travel dreams. But by offering them an alternative — an opportunity to meet a dozen other people just like them from around the world — we could create one of the most transformational experiences a singular person could ever have. And for our hardcore travelers, we've found that they're just interested in trying something new.

You see, our group trips are trips for people who wouldn't normally go on group trips (see what we did there)? We go out of our way to build unique, you-can't-find-this-on-your-own experiences. How? Keep reading.

Just think of us as the most boring people you’ll ever meet.

We’re consistently grinding in our offices while others are out painting the town red. We’re up early creating new material while others enjoy lazy mornings. We’re building out our products while others marathon their favorite television shows at work. Yes, at work.

We prioritize hard, epic work. And life is easier because it doesn’t really feel like work. We love what we do. And we understand that in order to be great — we have to be boring. At least that’s what we like to tell ourselves.

And by the way, we really hope to see you soon. We can't wait to show you the best of each destination we offer.